Show us the Father

Haiku for the family

Jesus is the way,
the gospel promises us,
to abundant life.

An image of home;
his house with its many rooms.
There we are welcomed.

He spoke. Be at peace;
don’t let your hearts be troubled.
Your place is with me.

Live with faith, he said.
rust in my words; they are true.
Find yourself in God.

Show us the Father,
then we will be satisfied.
Look at me, he said.

There’s work to be done,
God’s work, mine; they are the same.
You will do it too.

This, then, is glory:
together doing the work
God gives to us all.


© Ken Rookes 2017


The house with many rooms

At home
in the house with many rooms;
the writer of the fourth gospel crafts
a joyous and welcoming picture
of oneness with God,
(however she/he is conceived).
An image of the hereafter?
I used to read it that way.
At home
in a God who is called love,
and with a God at home in us.
At one with creation, generous and true,
woven into and emerging from
the dusty fibre of our fragile planet.
There may be life somewhere else,
but we do not know it.
United into the great body of humankind,
one with our neighbours,
our sisters and brothers.
One in faith, one in doubt;
joined together in the shared pain,
the struggles, the tears and the fear.
Hoping anyway.
At home
in this house with many rooms;
but not quite.

© Ken Rookes 2014