One thing is lacking

Haiku for those who struggle to let go.

Running to Jesus,
he knelt: For life eternal,
tell me what to do?

Jesus answered him;
You should know what God commands;
do these things and live.

Teacher, since my youth
I have kept the laws of God.
Jesus looked with love.

One thing is lacking:
Go, sell what you own, and give
it all to the poor.

Then come, follow me,
your wealth will be in heaven;
you will know true life.

The man was dismayed;
his possessions were many,
he could not let go.

How hard it will be
for the wealthy to enter
the kingdom of God..

Camels will pass through
a needle’s eye easier.
The rich will struggle.

Who then can be saved?
Mortals cannot achieve it,
God makes it happen.

You who have left home
to tread the kingdom’s pathways
will be rewarded.


© Ken Rookes 2018


Support your local poet

poetry bookI apologise in advance for the shameless self-promotion.

A friend has enthusiastically purchased a number of copies of my poetry book as gifts, and I thought: What a good idea!

Others might also like to purchase copies for friends this Christmas – they make excellent and special gifts for thoughtful people.

As it says on the cover:Some of Ken’s poems are religious, some are irreverent, some are angry, and some are humorous.

At least, he likes to think so.

A few are probably heretical. It is up to the reader to work out which is which.

An ideal Christmas gift – it even includes poems about Christmas, and Advent, and Epiphany, and many other themes as well!

Cost: a modest $24, posted in Australia.  Great value: 199 poems and 8 relief prints by the author. (That’s about 12 cents a poem, folks!)

Email me:

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